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Best Way to Fasten Thick or Thin Floor Heating Cables to Wooden Subfloors

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After the first article it only makes sense to address the most popular method for attaching our Thick or Thin Floor Heating Cables to wooden subfloors.  Unlike most competing products, our cables are approved for stapling to wood or cement board using approved zero-impact staplers.  We offer modified T-37A staplers with a 3/8" crown for use with our Thick Heating Cables and 3/16" Crown T-18A staplers  for our Thin Floor Warming Cables and floor sensors.  

Stapling cables down with these staplers is way faster than installing and using plastic clip strips, hot glue or taping.  Most competing cables can't be stapled because they are not tough enough to withstand slight impact or the tension associated with stapling.  Cables should be stapled approx every 8-12" with three staples to support each loop.  When laying cables it is recommended that only the end loops and maybe one or two points in-between be stapled in order to get the cable down to make sure it fits before going back and keeping it tight to the floor with more staples.  

Although it doesn't happen often, it is possible to staple through a cable by accident.  Using a cable fault alarm or testing the cable resistance and earth leakage periodically will help identify if a fault occurs.  However, it's kind of hard not to notice if you staple through a cable or not - just don't ignore this if it happens and make sure you take-up and replace the cable if this happens. 

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