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ThermaWire Thin Floor Warming Cables are Ditra-Heat Compatible

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Over the last few months a number of our customers from across Canada have asked us whether our Thin Floor Warming Cables will work with Schluter's Ditra-Heat membrane.  We asked a number of our dealers to try it out and the undisputed answer is "Yes - it Works!".  

Schluter has an excellent reputation with tile setters with their decoupling & anti-fracture membranes.  However, until recently you had to install our cables, embed them in self-leveler before installing the membrane and then the tile.  This was a costly and thick installation approach and therefore was never that popular.  Now that Ditra-Heat has been released in Canada you now have what we believe is the best way to install our Thin Floor Warming Cables.  

This new approach eliminates the need to pour self-leveling cement over our cables.  Simply install the Ditra-Heat membrane to your un-reinforced sub-floor, clip our Thin Floor Warming Cables to the grid and then proceed directly to tile installation using thinset.  The membrane not only holds the cables in place and eliminates the need for reinforcement but it also provides a perfectly flat surface for easy and professional tile installation.

For those of you who have installed heating cables and mats of any kind before, you know that pouring the self-leveling cement is the most critical part of the installation and that it doesn't always work out perfectly the first time.  Schluter's Ditra-Heat allows novices and professionals alike to install our Thin Floor Warming Cables and tile with professional results every time.

Of course you may ask why you should use our ThermaWire Thin Floor Warming Cables and not the ones that are offered with the Ditra-Heat system.  The answer is price; our cables are priced at less than half the cost of the Ditra version.  Then there's our outstanding customer support, free air freight and excellent technical support available day or night should you need it.

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