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Tools & Accessories

We offer the following tools and accessories as an aid to installers of our floor heating products.  They are not for sale unless you are purchasing or have already purchased heating cables or mats.

  • Decoupling membrane compatible with Ditra-Heat(tm) and other similar products.
    $275.00 $224.40 Decoupling Heat Membrane 10 SQM / 107.6 SF
    We now stock a decoupling floor heating membrane for use with our Thin Floor Warming Cables which is also compatible with most similar floor heating cables on the market.   Rolls are 1 meter wide x 10 meters long...
  • Bundle of ten 12" long plastic clip strips.
    $9.99 $8.49 Plastic Clip Strip
    Plastic clip strips are intended only for our Thin Floor Warming Cables and come in bundles of ten 12" long strips.   Plastic strips can be screwed or glued down to wood or concrete and have cable spacers every...
  • Cable Fault Alarm
    $21.25 Cable Fault Alarm
    Purchase this cable fault alarm if you want an audible way to detect cables damaged during installation.  Particulatily usefull when using staples to fasten heating cables to a subfloor.  Requires two AAA batteries...
  • Galvanized metal clip strip
    $35.00 $29.75 Galvanized Clip Strip
    Galvanized clip strip is inrtended only for our Thick Heating Cables and comes on a roll and isfastened to concrete using concrete nails or tapcon fasteners every 6".  Each roll can cover an area of 150-225 SF depending...
  • Box 1000 7/16" T18A Staples, Galvanized
    $4.75 $4.04 Box 1000 7/16" T18A Staples, Galvanized
    These staples are for use with our T18A staplers.  
  • T18A Stapler 3/16" crown
    $39.95 $33.96 T18A Stapler 3/16" crown
    These staplers are good for fastening floor sensors and other cables 3/16" in diameter and smaller.
  • Box 1000 9/16" T37A Staples, Galvanized & Adhesive Coated
    $4.95 $4.21 Box 1000 9/16" T37A Staples, Galvanized & Adhesive Coated
    These staples are specially designed for jam-free use with our modified T37A staplers.  Coated with an adhesive, they help ensure that staples will not come up easily.
  • Modified T37A Stapler 3/8" crown
    $45.75 $38.89 Modified T37A Stapler 3/8" crown
    These staplers are specially modified for zero impact fastening of our ThermaWire CFH-T heating cables to wood strapping.  They feature an un-precedented opening for the wire to fit through and make it virtually...